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What is Greenstreams?

The Greenstreams Project has been delivering public access and other improvements along the River Colne since 1997 when the first new riverside footpath was created behind the Leeds Road Retail Park.

Greenstreams is building on this work, to reconnect local communities to the river. It is making the valley an asset fit for a new era, where the river provides a quality environment, which brings social and economic benefits. Although we have put in place the foundation for that process, there is still much to do. We want others to help in achieve the goals of the Greenstreams Project.

Like so many rivers, the Colne played a pivotal role in the development of today's urban areas, providing both food and water for the rural communities before the industrial revolution. Since then, use of the river to power mills and act as a conduit for polluting wastes, had a devastating impact for the river’s wildlife. In that period, the river had little other relevance to the growing urban communities along its banks. With the recent return of fish stocks and wildlife we are now seeing the benefits of great efforts to clean up the river since the 1990’s.

The Greenstreams Project Newsletter 2019 and 2020 and the 3 Valleys Nature Park prospectus are all on Issuu and can be found here 

The project is administered by Environment Kirklees Ltd, operating as EPIKS (Environmental Projects in Kirklees) details of which can be found on Environment Kirklees Ltd is a not-for-profit company which works in partnership with local community groups, voluntary and public sector organisations and, local businesses. Until 2016 it was registered as Environmental Alliance Ltd.